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Acai and blueberry tapioca pudding

For a deliciously different healthy breakfast try this warm acai and blueberry tapioca pudding.Our Acai Powder is sustainably harvested by local Brazilian farmers in the...

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Lovey Dovey Acai Bowl

Ah Sigh! Who can resist such a pretty brekky bowl made with Acai and Beetroot Powders. Make this for the one you love including yourself....

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Heart Beet Valentines Crepes

My heart beets only for you … and these delicious plant based insanely pretty beetroot crepes made with organic Beetroot Powder. A superfoods super-love infused...

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Back to School Bars

These chewy little rectangles are nut free, gluten free, satisfying and totally delicious. One of the main ingredients, tigernuts, has twice the fibre of oats...

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Apricot, Apple & Goldenberry Tigernut Crumble

Break up the usual oat routine with Tigernut Flakes and make these summer apricot tigernut crumbles. Just as good for dessert as they are for...

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Festive Gingerbread Maca Smoothie

Naturally sweetened with dates and Lucuma Powder and spiced up with all your festive faves, this creamy maca smoothie tastes just like Christmas in a...

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Almond Gingerbread Muffins

These muffins are a winning festive combo of the traditional spices of gingerbread with the caramel flavours of coconut sugar to fill your house with...

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Super Berry Smoothie Bowl

The most refreshing bowl for warm weather packed with nutritional superfoods like antioxidant rich Maqui and Acai Powders, hormone balancing Maca and vitamin C rich...

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Festive Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Whip this up for an impressive start to Christmas morning. Made with our organic Maqui Powder – the highest antioxidant fruit, blended with blueberries and...

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Beetroot Festive Nice Cream Bowl

Nature has the best colours! Made with organic Beetroot Powder for vibrant colour and added nutrients, vitamins and nitrates to support cardiovascular health and immunity.Super...

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Chocolate Tigernut Granola

Wake up to a different granola using tigernuts instead of oats. Tigernuts are little tubers high in antioxidants, prebiotic fibre for gut health, healthy fats...

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