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Homemade Chocolate Blocks

Make your own chocolate without the additives and artificial ingredients often found in store bought chocolates. Customise with toppings to make the perfect edible gifts...

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Health Tigernut Goldenberry Carrot Cake

A super delicious carrot cake with a moist crumb that’s full of flavour and nourishing whole food ingredients, yet not overly sweet. The tangy tropical...

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Swoon worthy vegan chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day and every other day.  Dairy free and refined sugar free with a sweet juicy beet and nut...

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Heart Beet Valentines Crepes

My heart beets only for you … and these delicious plant based insanely pretty beetroot crepes made with organic Beetroot Powder. A superfoods super-love infused...

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Apricot, Apple & Goldenberry Tigernut Crumble

Break up the usual oat routine with Tigernut Flakes and make these summer apricot tigernut crumbles. Just as good for dessert as they are for...

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Raspberry Choc Festive Magnums

Fa la la la luscious and utterly mouth wateringly choco-licious vegan magnums with a gorgeously gooey raspberry centre. The only treat you really need for...

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Choc Top Festive Berry Smoothie Bowl

Embrace Summer Christmas in Australia with this refreshing smoothie bowl full of surprises. Crack the hard chocolate top to find gooey cherry chia jam in...

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Christmas Mince Pies

Delicious vegan fruit mince pies with a healthy superfoods twist. You’ll love these healthy Christmas essentials naturally sweetened with apples, oranges and dates instead of...

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Superberry Slice

Here’s all our superfood favourites combined into one easy to make slice inspired by one of the best relationships of all time - berries and...

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Halloween Chocolate Fudge Donuts

Treat yourself to these hauntingly delicious chocolate fudge donuts made with our certified organic Cacao Powder and Coconut Sugar. These fang-tastic hole-o-ween donuts will lift...

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No-tella Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a delicious and easy way to sneak healthy fats (omega-3s) into your diet. With the addition of hazelnuts and cacao, this one...

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MACAdamia Caramel Slice

This delectable treat is an ooey gooey mouth watering chocolate caramel slice with the addition of super veg maca. Grown high in the Andes Mountains...

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