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Purple Power Slice

Load up on protective plant medicine with this Purple Power Slice. Maqui and Acai are nutrient dense berries loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off damaging...

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Zesty Chocolate Magnums

These to die for plant based magnums whipped up by@littlekalegirl have a sweet zesty filling made with nutritional superberries Lucuma Powder and Camu Camu Powder...

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Maqui Berry Chocolate Bars

Our Cacao Gold is the darkest and most decadent of all the powders with a devilishly rich intensity and luxuriously smooth texture. When combined with...

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Maqui Berry Icypoles

Healthy food on a stick. Cool down with this easy recipe bursting with the antioxidant goodness of our organic Maqui Powder and blueberries. If you...

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Chocolate & Acai Berry Tarts

There's layer upon layer or deliciousness in these gooey and delectable Chocolate Acai Berry Tarts. With a base of crunchy almonds, cacao nibs and cacao...

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Vegan Chocolate Tart

Make this delicious vegan chocolate tart with our organic fairly traded Cacao Powder and get the chocolate party started. Eat it for breakfast lunch or...

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Tigernut Flake White Chocolate Pineapple Donuts

Fibre rich Tigernut Flakes have a delicious delicate sweet vanilla flavour and a texture that is nice and chewy but not as gelatinous as oats....

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Vegan Beetroot Cheesecake

We love pink food at PSF and this recipe is no exception. This superfood vegan cheesecake from @littlekalegirl uses our organic Beetroot Powder ... for nutrition...

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Triple Treat Superfoods Vegan Cheesecake

Here's a mouth watering vegan cheesecake with three spectacular layers - a nutty cacao base, sweet beet and raspberry centre and a smooth lucuma lemon...

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Tigernut Rhubarb Crumble

A big winter favourite, rhubarb crumble is just as delicious warm for dessert as it is cold for breakfast.   We’ve used Crumbled Tigernuts as...

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Chocolate Fudge with Superfood Berries

For a tangy energy boost to your afternoon snacking try this nutrient packed no bake fruity fudge.   With a tart yet mildly sweet citrus-pineapple-sultana flavour,...

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Paleo Brownies

Satisfy those chocolate cravings with this easy grain free brownie recipe made using our organic cacao powder and coconut sugar.

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