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Maca Mango Smoothie Bowl

For vibrant & colouful mornings, try this pretty mango smoothie bowl with the added benefit of Maca Powder. Our Gelatinised Maca, has been gently heated...

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Vegan Beetroot Cheesecake

We love pink food at PSF and this recipe is no exception. This superfood vegan cheesecake from @littlekalegirl uses our organic Beetroot Powder ... for nutrition...

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Superfood Trail Mix

This healthy home made superfood trail mix is super delicious and an excellent option for smart snacking. A good balance of soft and crunchy, tangy...

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Carrot, Corn and Cauliflower Fritters

Tigernut Flour and Flakes can be substituted for recipes with flour for a grain free high fibre alternative. Tigernuts also have a natural sweetness that...

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Goldenberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Cookies

Goldenberries are one of nature’s beautiful and highly nutritious berries. In this recipe they add a lovely tang which compliments the slight sweetness in the...

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Triple Treat Superfoods Vegan Cheesecake

Here's a mouth watering vegan cheesecake with three spectacular layers - a nutty cacao base, sweet beet and raspberry centre and a smooth lucuma lemon...

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Tigernut Rhubarb Crumble

A big winter favourite, rhubarb crumble is just as delicious warm for dessert as it is cold for breakfast. We’ve used Crumbled Tigernuts as the...

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Chocolate and Maca Baked Oats

These indulgent yet healthy super fudgy chocolatey breakfast oats are made using our raw organic Cacao Powder for antioxidants, magnesium and mood boosting chemicals and...

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Camu Camu Smoothie Bowl with Beetroot and Strawberries

This gorgeous pink bowl of happiness features Camu Camu Berry Powder.  Just one teaspoon adds a citrus zing and vitamin C to help support immunity...

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Chocolate Fudge with Superfood Berries

For a tangy energy boost to your afternoon snacking try this nutrient packed no bake fruity fudge.   With a tart yet mildly sweet citrus-pineapple-sultana flavour,...

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Paleo Brownies

Satisfy those chocolate cravings with this easy grain free brownie recipe made using our organic cacao powder and coconut sugar.

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