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Maqui Powder Maqui Powder
50g 100g
50g 100g

Known as the antioxidant rich 'Patagonian Superfruit', the maqui berry has a deep purple colour and mild berry-citrus taste. Power Super Foods' maqui berries are wild harvested in the traditional way, freeze dried and then milled into a powder to preserve the valuable antioxidants and nutrients and ensure the highest quality and purity.

Acai Powder | Acai Acai Powder
50g 100g
50g 100g

Power Super Foods Acai is sustainably harvested by local Brazilian farmers in the traditional way then freeze-dried to ensure nutrients and freshness are uncompromised. Our acai is ethically sourced and provides positive outcomes for small-scale farmers through economic and social empowerment.

Camu Camu Powder Camu Camu Powder
200g 85g
200g 85g

Camu camu are small tart red berries native to the Amazon rainforest growing wild on the shrubs of riverbanks and floodplains. Gently dried at low temperatures, our Camu Camu has a delicious tangy citrusy flavour and high vitamin C content.


Exotic lucuma fruit with its bright yellow flesh, grows on subtropical trees native to the Andean Valley. With a taste similar to caramel or maple and a delightful aroma, natural sweetness and creamy texture, our lucuma is hand harvested and dried at low temperatures ensuring nutrients and freshness are uncompromised.

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