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Choc Top Festive Berry Smoothie Bowl

Embrace Summer Christmas in Australia with this refreshing smoothie bowl full of surprises. Crack the hard chocolate top to find gooey cherry chia jam in the centre and a beautiful...

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Christmas Mince Pies

Delicious vegan fruit mince pies with a healthy superfoods twist. You’ll love these healthy Christmas essentials naturally sweetened with apples, oranges and dates instead of refined sugar and using organic...

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Almond Gingerbread Muffins

These muffins are a winning festive combo of the traditional spices of gingerbread with the caramel flavours of coconut sugar to fill your house with a cheerful cosy aroma. Made...

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Summer Noodle Bowl

This nourishing Dulse Flakes noodle bowl with peanut sauce is the perfect lunch or dinner bowl for warm weather. Sustainably wild harvested by hand from the pristine Atlantic waters, our...

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Super Berry Smoothie Bowl

The most refreshing bowl for warm weather packed with nutritional superfoods like antioxidant rich Maqui and Acai Powders, hormone balancing Maca and vitamin C rich Camu Camu Powder all blended...

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Festive Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Whip this up for an impressive start to Christmas morning. Made with our organic Maqui Powder – the highest antioxidant fruit, blended with blueberries and coconut milk for a healthy...

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