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Our Super Berry Smoothie Bowl Bundle contains premium, organic superfoods to whip up your best smoothie yet.  With 10% off included superfoods, this bundle also includes a FREE eco friendly Coconut Bowls bowl + spoon set - perfect for smoothies, breakfast and lunch bowls, and desserts. 


Check out our Recipe Page for a healthy refreshing "Summer Super Berry Smoothie Bowl" recipe from Little Kale Girl using all the included superfoods.

Bundle Includes:


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Foreshore you will love our selection of algaes in our Seaweed bundle. Our raw organic seaweeds are hand harvested in the wild from the cold pristine waters of the north Atlantic. Sprinkle on some health promoting goodness! Seaweed makes a delicious addition to soups, salads, vegetables for a boost of vitamins and minerals or to add taste and seasoning to any dish.

$64.01 $75.30

We've gathered together the best superfoods to take your homemade baking to the next level. For those that love to whip up raw and baked treats. All our cacao products and coconut sugar is premium quality, certified organic and fairly traded.

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We’ve put together our favourite superfoods for breakfast to nourish your body and give you sustained energy and balance to power through your day. Blend up a smoothie drink or bowl with premium organic super berries or make a delicious chia pudding.  

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Attention all chocolate lovers! Our Chocolate Lovers bundle is calling your name. Included in the pack is our decadently delicious Cacao Gold with a higher fat content for a deeper richer flavour as well as our high quality Origin Cacao, Cacao Nibs and Lucuma Cacao Nibs. All our cacao products are certified organic and fairly traded for optimum quality, delicious taste and health supporting nutrition. Add to your favourite chocolatey creations including cakes, muffins, hot and cold drinks and raw treats.

$41.52 $48.85

Tigernut lovers rejoice with our Tigernuts Bundle. Enjoy three different ways to add these healthy little grain free tubers to your diet. Add to a cake or muffin batter, a smoothie or sprinkle on a salad for that sweet chewy taste and added nutrition and fibre.

$87.30 $102.70

From breakfast essentials to nutritious snacks, our Power Pantry bundle ensures you have all your favourite everyday superfood staples on hand. Bake a chocolate cake, make a chia pudding or sprinkle organic Goji Berries on your favourite breakfast smoothie.

$49.13 $57.80

Snacking just got more nutritious, delicious and easy with our Power Snacks bundle. Make a trail mix or eat straight from the bag, your desk drawer or your handbag. You’ll never be stuck for a healthy satisfying snack again. Our power snacks also work perfectly added to breakfast bowls, baking and smoothies.

$94.10 $110.70

Certain superfoods can help support you to gain sustained energy and endurance. We’ve curated this powerful combo of potent naturally occurring superfoods rich in nutrients to lend a helping hand for a high energy lifestyle. From magnesium and theobromine rich Cacao to adaptogenic energising Maca and Chia, both long known to support energy production and stamina.

We’ve also included our mitochondria-loving nitrate-rich Beetroot Powder, antioxidant-rich immune-supporting Maqui Berry Powder and our nutritious low GI sweetener, Lucuma Powder for an energy boost without the crash.

$63.50 $74.70

Not sure which Superfood to try first or just love a bit of everything? Sample six of our best sellers in this versatile selection that includes super berries, Cacao Powder, Cacao Nibs, Maca Powder and Chia Seeds.

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