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Organic and all natural

Being certified organic ensures our superfoods are better for you, better for animal welfare, better for the planet and better for those communities that grow, harvest, process and pack them.

Our products are sourced from fairly traded small holder organic farms, supporting regenerative farming, saving precious water and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. By avoiding hazardous pesticides and toxins we can grow superfoods that are safer for everyone. And tastier too!

Our Australian Organic certification (ACO) is your guarantee that all Power Super Food products have earnt their organic certification under strict regulations and third party testing

Organics is not just about being chemical free. It’s an entire system that includes the growing and handling of food and how this is inextricably linked to the health of the people, soil, plants, animals, food and the environment.

Quality & taste

We're obsessed with quality and taste and seek the finest foods sourced from organic fairly traded farms across the globe and in Australia.

We test everything before selection (it's a tough job but someone has to do it!) and only select the highest quality, most nutritious, clean and ecologically sound plant based foods. Which is why our certified organic superfoods are pure in quality and exceptional in taste.

We want you to only have the cleanest and best quality ingredients and foods so we follow best practice for efficacy, safety and premium quality. We never use artificial additives, flavours, fillers, GMO ingredients and our products don’t contain toxic chemicals.

We also use gentle and clean drying methods so we don’t compromise purity and nutrition and so whatever you make you’ll enjoy an incredible taste experience. 

Bring the healing history of these ancient foods into your modern kitchen and let our superfoods take your home made culinary creations to the next level.

Empowering Communities         

We know that sustainability starts with people and it’s only when producers can afford basic necessities for their families that they can focus on sustainable farming practices. 

We work with organisations and cooperatives that operate with Fairtrade standards that allow their members and farmers to invest in health care, education, communities and the environment. Our farmers are key to the health of the planet and to the preservation of traditional cultures. Our fairly traded superfoods gives families and local indigenous communities access to a fair living wage, helping break the cycle of poverty, bringing dignity and empowering them to build their own businesses and educate themselves and their children. 

Every superfood you purchase directly empowers a farmer and their families. 

Sustainable and ethically sourced

We are focused on environmental conservation and the sustainability of the vibrant communities that grow and harvest our superfoods. 

Every superfood has an amazing origin story and a deep history, whether from a faraway location or right here in Australia. We choose farms where plants are grown by native indigenous communities using sustainable farming methods. Our sourcing regions include Peru, West Africa, Australia, Brazil, South America and the North Atlantic ocean and are subject to seasonality.

Our packing and labelling is done in New South Wales, Australia to reduce our carbon footprint. Our pouches are 100% recyclable via the RED recycling for soft plastics at Woolworth or Coles and we are committed to finding a more sustainable option that will still preserve our precious light, heat and moisture sensitive superfoods.

Power Super Foods was founded on making premium superfoods.
100% certified organic, sustainably sourced and Australian owned.