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+Antioxidant rich Peruvian super berries

+ Sulfur and chemical free alternative to traditional dried fruit

+ Tart, tangy and moreish


A delicious tart yet mildly sweet citrus-pineapple-sultana flavour characterises these energy sustaining bioflavonoid super fruits. Fresh goldenberries are golden yellow enclosed in lantern-like paper husks. The fresh fruit is opened and gently dehydrated to produce a moreish sweet and tangy berry with a soft crunchy texture.

Good for you, good for the planet

These powerful berries provide a good source of vitamin C and A as well as potassium, fibre, iron, protein, beta-carotene, antioxidants and pectin (soluble fibre). Sourced from small-scale farmers in the tropical regions of Peru, our goldenberries are grown organically and gently dried with nothing added.

Creating economic opportunities in an otherwise unproductive land, our fairly traded wild harvested Goldenberries provide positive outcomes for small scale Peruvian farmers through economic and social empowerment.


Certified Organic dehydrated goldenberries (Physalis peruviana) .


Sustainably sourced from small scale Peruvian farmers, our goldenberries are organically grown without pesticides or fertilisers. They do not contain sulphur dioxide or any other preservatives or colour enhancers often found in conventionally grown dried fruits.

Packed in Australia under excellent hygiene standards and fair wages, they are packed in resealable bags to lock in freshness and preserve precious antioxidants and nutrients.

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