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Raw Maca Powder Tub

+ Peruvian adaptogen to support stress management

+ Energy, vitality and overall balance

+ Delicious malty caramel flavour


High up in the Peruvian mountains grows the root of a powerful cruciferous root vegetable called maca. Our Raw Maca Powder is a delicious and nutritious blend of yellow, red and black maca varieties hand harvested and sun dried in the traditional way, ensuring nutrients and freshness are uncompromised. maca and cacao powders.

Good for you, good for the planet
Maca contains beneficial phytonutrients and is a known adaptogen. Adaptogens work in synergy with the body by providing overall nutritional support to help you ‘adapt’ during times of stress and fatigue.

Creating economic opportunities in an otherwise unproductive land, our fairly traded organic maca provides positive outcomes for small-scale Peruvian farmers through economic and social empowerment.

Certified Organic fair trade maca powder (Lepidium Meyenii)

Maca is a heart shaped root vegetable from the brassicaceae family (also includes broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage) that looks like a turnip but grows like a sweet potato. Our maca is authentic Peruvian maca - the birthplace of maca and still where the finest quality maca grows. The best maca grows at high altitude in the central Andes where it survives unforgiving conditions such as rocky soils, icy temperatures, strong winds and extreme sunlight. This harsh habitat is what makes maca thrive and produces the most potent maca with the most nutritional benefits. Maca roots are hand harvested and sundried then gently ground into a fine powder. Our maca never undergoes high temperature processing and is considered raw. Our Maca supplier is Fair Trade certified ensuring that our farmer partners and their families are supported.

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