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Organic Chia Seeds

+ High in healthy omega 3 fatty acids

+ Versatile super seed for hydration and energy

+ Source of antioxidants, fibre, magnesium and calcium


Small but mighty, chia seeds are tiny oval superseeds bursting with nutrients. From the ancient Mayan word for "strength", chia seeds were, and still are, prized for their ability to provide hydration, strength and sustainable energy.

Good for you, good for the planet
Power Super Foods Chia seeds are full of nutrients and are one of the highest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia is also a complete protein, rich in calcium, antioxidants, fibre and magnesium.* Sourced from traditional growing regions, known for the highest quality chia in the world, our organic chia seeds are fairly traded and create a wave of positive outcomes for small scale farmers through economic and social empowerment.

*When consumed as part of a healthy diet involving the consumption of a variety of foods.


Raw Certified Organic Chia Seeds (Salvia hispanica)


We source our Chia seeds from central America where they are grown non GMO, organically and sustainably using no harmful pesticides, fertilisers or toxins ensuring nutrient dense seeds with the best benefits.

Our chia seeds are predominantly black with some white/grey seeds. There is virtually no nutritional or taste difference between the colours.

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