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Lucuma Powder

+ Amazonian superberry to sweeten hot and cold drinks and desserts

+ Delicious caramel citrus flavour

+ Natural low GI healthy sweetener


Exotic lucuma fruit with its bright yellow flesh, grows on subtropical trees native to the Andean Valley. With a taste similar to caramel or maple and a delightful aroma, natural sweetness and creamy texture, our lucuma is hand harvested and dried at low temperatures ensuring nutrients and freshness are uncompromised.

Certified Organic lucuma powder (Pouteria lucuma)

Our lucuma is hand harvested in Peru and gently dried at low temperatures to ensure maximum nutrient and antioxidant retention and delicious taste of this naturally sweet fruit. Our lucuma powder is Australian Certified Organic so you can be confident of its safety and quality. We pack our lucuma in Australia in sealed bags for freshness and to lock in the precious nutrients and antioxidants.

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