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+ Exceptional antioxidants - more than cultivated blueberries. 60-80 wild blueberries per teaspoon!

+ Studied for benefits to brain, immunity and eye health

+ A colourful nutritious boost to smoothies and cold drinks


Wild blueberries, with their deep blue skin and flesh, tiny size and intense flavour are hand foraged from low growing shrubs growing in pristine untamed European forests. The whole ripe wild blueberries are freeze dried within 24 hours of picking, then milled into a fine powder to ensure nutrients and freshness are uncompromised. Harsh climate conditions give these resilient wild blueberries higher anthocyanin levels, vivid colour and a delicious sweet-tart flavour.

With a higher skin to pulp ratio, small but mighty wild blueberries contain vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids. Known to have more brain antioxidant power (anthocyanins) than cultivated blueberries, our wild blueberries are ethically sourced and harvested sustainably, providing positive outcomes for wild harvesters and communities, whilst encouraging biodiversity and conservation.


Certified Organic freeze dried wild blueberry powder (Vaccinium myrtillus)

Our certified organic Wild Blueberry Powder is 100% pure ground blueberries with nothing added. We wild harvest only the finest quality blueberries growing sustainably in their natural environment. We nurture these delicious berries from harvest to packing so you can be confident you are receiving the best there is. With a deep blue-red colour to reflect the freshness and quality, the blueberries are gently processed and freeze dried close to harvest time to lock in the goodness and optimise nutrition and taste. There are no fillers, additives, sweeteners or anti-caking agents. We choose powder over frozen berries to reduce our transport impact on the planet and so you can have the most convenient form of blueberries with the richest taste for the most delicious smoothies with the most concentrated amount of nutrients. Frozen berries also includes additional moisture which contains water, diluting the fibre, vitamins and other nutrients. Due to the high skin to pulp ratio and being blue throughout, our Wild Blueberry Powder is rich in antioxidants (a lot more than cultivated blueberries) dietary fibre, vitamins A and C and amino acids to support healthy hair and skin, digestion, immunity, brain and nervous system, heart health, eye health and energy production.

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